Dr Winnie Uchendu MBChB BSc

Dr Winnie Uchendu is a qualified medical doctor who earned her medical degree from the University of Bristol in 2014. She achieved an additional Psychology degree from King’s College University of London in 2011. She completed her foundation training at Oxford University Hospitals, and following this, has worked as a resident medical officer in a number of outstanding private healthcare institutions, such as The London Clinic, The Harley Street Clinic, The London Bridge Hospital and The Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth.

Dr Winnie most recently earned a Clinical Dermatology Diploma with distinction from Queen Mary University of London, and at present she is undergoing specialty training to become a General Practitioner with specialist interest in dermatology.

Winnie’s growing interest in anti-ageing medicine and facial aesthetics led her to obtain her advanced qualifications in botulinum toxin and dermal fillers at the renowned London School Of Facial Aesthetics. Her passion has also led her to develop knowledge and skill in skin care and chemical skin peels. Her proficiency in facial rejuvenation has been further developed through attendance of facial aesthetics master classes and conferences. She has developed an in-depth understanding of skin of all ethnicities, and has been commended on her ability to tailor treatments to her client’s individual skin profiles.Winnie is passionate about empowering people to have confidence at every age, and is determined to achieve this through facial rejuvenation and through advocating healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr Nicole Uchendu MBChB

Dr. Nicole Uchendu is a qualified medical doctor, who obtained her medical degree from The University of Bristol in 2013. During her university years she took a sabbatical, during which she spent time working alongside a renowned plastic surgeon in Nigeria. On completing her medical degree in Bristol, she successfully completed two years of foundation training in Wales, she embarked on a year abroad working in Perth, Australia as a medical emergencies doctor. During these years, Nicole found that her caring nature and ability to easily relate with her patients were qualities fitting for a career in general practice. She has since commenced her GP training in her desired area of Surrey.


During her time in general practice, Nicole has observed how skin conditions, including premature ageing, can have a significant impact on positive self-image and mental health. She soon developed a strong affinity for dermatology and anti-ageing medicine, which led her to obtain her full qualifications in advanced botulinum toxin and dermal fillers at the critically-acclaimed London School of Facial Aesthetics. Nicole firmly holds the belief that at every age, we should have an air of confidence about our appearance. This is why she is determined to deliver an excellent, holistic aesthetics service, through the provision of rejuvenating procedures and revitalising skin products, as well as the promotion of preventative skincare.